The Serbian White Eagles opened the new season with a draw. They finished with a score of 1: 1 (0: 0) against a solid team; SC Waterloo. The Eagles played solid and they were the better team, but in the end they were satisfied with one point because when you miss so many chances, it means a punishment is usually coming. Eagles started with eight players who also started and won last year’s finale, so it is more than likely that our team this year will play well again this year.

Stadium: Centennial – Weather: Ideal Attendance: 150 – Referee: Vee Venne
Goals: 0: 1 Hasecic (50) 1: 1 Jocić (65)
Yellow card: Zakrajsek
Player of the game: Đorđije Jocic

Đorđije Jocic

Serbian White Eagles: Škarić, Kamberović, Vukomanović, Marovic, Kusic, Ljubenović (77.Pešić) Jocic, Nedeljkovic, Strunjaš (65.Jelić) Jovanovic, Svonja
Head Coach: Uros Stamatović
Assistant Coach: Branislav Vukomanovic

SC Waterloo: Jovicic, Mrkonjic, Gavric, Zakrajsek (70.Djukic), Mitrovic (79.Zivkovic), Pljakic, Sackor (32.Aviliaotis), Zelenbaba, Hasecic, Vukovic, Jordan
Coach: Stefan Ristic

First half

11-minute Jovanovic and Vukomanović combined on the left side, Vukomanović had a good cross to the far post, but unfortunately Strunjaš is late for tenth of a second 15-minute Vukomanović is fouled down, 25 meters from goal. Vukomanović took the free kick and hit the bar past the goalie, from deflection Strunjaš missed a wide-open header from 5 meters.
24-minute Strunjaš and Kamberović won the ball on the right wing, and Kamberović was alone on the right, then he dribbled one player, enters the 16 meter and shot from 7 meters straight to the goalie. Afterwards was a period of no real chances, attacks by the Eagles were slightly subsided. 42-minute Strunjaš finds Jovanovic in the middle of the box, but he was just short of reaching it with his head.
43.- minutes Marović, after a deflection from the corner, took a shot from 18 meters but it was just over the bar
Second half
Unexpectedly, guests score from practically the first chance.
50.-minute Guests well combined through the middle, the ball comes to the left, great cross into the middle of goalie area, Hasecic had the best reaction and strike ball in our net. 0:1
64.-minute Kusic, after a good corner, excellent jumps and shot from 5 feet but it was just over.
65.-minute Jocic got the ball at 30 meters, dribbled one player and strikes from 25-26 meters, shot on the ground in the keeper's left corner and equalized the score to the 1: 1 final.
70.-minute A goal was mistakenly cancelled, at least so it seemed from the stands.
84.- minutes from the center-Jovanović has the ball and comes to 16 meters, took a weak shot, the rebound came back to Jovanovic, who this time excellently passes the ball to Ljubenovic, who nicely controlled the ball from 5 meters, but it was sent over the bar.
90.-minute The last minute opportunity for the SC Waterloo, but Škarić saved a well-executed free kick from the right. Serbian White Eagles next match play on Friday at 19:00 against SC Scarborough at Centennial Stadium.