Convincing White Eagles

Serbian White Eagles tonight as guests demolish Brantford Galaxy 6-1 (1: 0). Eagles played perfectly, they had a ball in possession 70% of the time, and in some parts of the game they kept possession of the ball 4-5 minutes. The game of short passes, fast double passes, changes of sides of the field, patiently waiting to get someone open on the side or through the middle, all worked tonight and more glad the beautiful game of Eagle from a convincing victory. From the very beginning, we learned that our team was more willing and more capable. Just as they opened the match, they ended it too. Already after the first half we should have led with at least a few goals difference, fortunately our offense was great in second half.
Stadium: Kiwanis Field Time: perfect Referee: Tony Amaral
Strelci: 0: 1 Velasevic (13) 0: 2 Pešić (60) 0: 3 Jocić (66) 0: 4 Jocić (73) 0: 5 Jovanović (85) 1: 5 Vukovic (86) 1: 6 Jovanović (89)
Yellow cards: Jocić, Kušić, Knezevic, Beader
Player of the match: Radenko Kamberović
Serbian White Eagles: Škarić, Kamberović, Svonja, Milidragović, Kušić, Pešić, Strunjaš (65. Jovanović), Marovic, Bojić, Jocić, Velašević (65.Vukoje)
Coach: Uroš Stamatović
Brantford Galaxy: Avramovic, Stojakovic (34.Cabrilo), Sudar (65Boxic), Samardzija (35.Platis), Simeunovic, Stepanovic, Knezevic, Boksic, Beader, Milovic, Vukovic
Coach: Sasa Vukovic

Radenko Kamberovic

First Half
3 minutes – Eagles beat the opponent through the center and attacked three against two. In the last moment, the pass of Bojic was cut from a lonely Jocic.
7. minute-Bojić crosses on the right, Strunjaš misses with a header across the goal.
8 minutes – Swing has an open shot from the left, kicking over net.
13. minute-again Kamberović pushes on the right, pierces and greatly finds open Velasevic on the opposite side, at 7-8 meters from the goal. Velasevic calmly shoots the ball in the opponent post 0: 1.
16.minut- Kamberović travels down the right, passes the ball to Bojic on the edge of the penalty area, followed by a good shot but over net.
24.minut-Strunjaš centers from the right wing to the lonely Velasevic on the opposite side, similar to the first goal, but this time Velasevic tests the first post and the ball goes beside the goal.
40.minut-Jocić takes a corner, a strong ball on the second post, Pešić jumps and headers the ball over the net.
Second half
In the second part the Brantford Galaxy, they came out more motivated, were more aggressive until they received another goal, and since then we have watched the Eagles who dominated the field.
47.minut- Excellent action Eagles, Bojic remained left, strides towards the goalkeeper who comes out to, Boyic plays safely and to the wide open Strunja who ran and dropped the ball into an empty goal, but to the surprise of everyone he was called offside.
60.minute-Strong ball Jocic from the corner, Strunjaš jumps on the first trip, passing the ball in the middle, where Pešić found himself and bounced from a few yards shot the ball in the goal for 0: 2.
61.minut-Strunjaš from a comfortable situation shoots wide in the middle of the goal.
65.minut-Kamberović passes right-hand side and ideally finds Jocic at 18 meters, followed by a small flaw, a left-footed shot, a great shot, a goalkeeper tips the ball with his fingers but cannot stop the beautiful goal, 0: 3.
73. Minute-The Most Beautiful Moment of the Match, a goal for all the points. A free kick was scored just to the right of the 27th meter. Jocic took a very strong and accurate shot and the ball is placed only a few inches lower than where the crossbar and the post connect, a fantastic goal and 0: 4.
85.minut-Vukoje passes for an open Jovanovic, who goes towards the goal and from the right side sends the ball to the opposite side of the goal, 0: 5.
86. Our players were nonchalant, they did not want to make a foul and good solo action, Vukovic finishes with a nice shot for 1: 5.
89. Jovanovic is again free, this time on the left side, the firstshot is defended by the goalkeeper, not the other one, Jovanovic is precise and final 1: 6
Serbian White Eagles will play next game on Friday, from 7pm against Royal Toronto FC on Sentenial.