Serbian White Eagles played tonight in the fifth game of the CSL and managed to beat Royal Toronto FC 3: 1 (1: 1). Eagles did not impress, they only played as good as they needed in order to win. The guests came very motivated, so they played well the first half an hour, and played a furious pressing tactic. The eagles seemed to let them get out, took things into their own hands at the end of the first part, and completely outplayed them in the second part of the game. It was at the start that the Eagles underestimated their opponent, unmotivated, and a little surprised by the aggressiveness and the real pressing, especially in our part of the field. It’s been a long time in the first half hour, our passes were cut off or simply imprecise. Once we stood on the ball, with more running and motive, when they became serious, the question of victory was not questionable. It should be noted that our changes in the second half greatly boosted our attack, especially the debutant for Eagles, eighteen-year-old Dušan Kovačević, who broke his opponent’s defense with his speed and skill.
Stadium: Centennial Field Time: 7 pm Spectators: 100 Referee: R. Arbaji
Strelci: 0: 1 Brezak (9) 1: 1 Švonja (43) 2: 1 Bojić (74) 3: 1 Kovačević (77)
Yellow cards: Jocić, Kušić, Copeland, Noda
Player of the match: Dušan Kovačević
Serbian White Eagles: Škarić, Kamberović, Švonja, Milidragović, Kušić, Pešić, Strunjaš (74.Vukoje), Jovanović (64. Kovačević), Bojić, Jocić, Velašević
Coach: Uroš Stamatović
Royal Toronto FC: Porcalin, Craig, Kurgansky (47.Copeland), Gordon, Woodward (76.Majstorovic), Scitm, Poracanin, Noda, Brezak, Gbodume (47.Rudovic), Soaros
Coach: Luka Majstorovic

Dusan Kovacevic forward

First halftime
6 minutes-Pesic plays Strunjaš with a long ball, but the goalkeeper runs and at the last moment he intervened with his head.
8 minutes-Half-way of the guests on the left side, they passed, the cross came and the completely lonely Brezak from about 10 meters dropped in the bottom left corner of our goal for 0: 1.
28 minutes-Jovanovic in a counter-attack, played a quick ball to Jocic, who skillfully took a great shot with 18meters, the goalkeeper makes a save and throws the ball into the corner.
16.minut-Kamberović goes right, passes the ball to Bojic on the edge of the penalty area, followed by a good shot, but over the net.
33.minut-Jocic passes to Kamberovic on the right wing, followed by an excellent cross, Bojic heads the ball over.
39.minut-We lost the ball near the center, followed by a quick counterattack through Scitm on the left, he came out in front of Škaric, but luckily he was stopped by the opposite opponent.
43. Minute-Corner for Eagles, the ball was kicked out to Velasevic who was shot it with his left leg, Svonja scooping the ball and redirecting it under in the net for 1: 1.
Second half
53.minut-Bojic finds Jovanovic who is pushing the attack forward, the goalkeeper defends well and we get only a corner. There was a huge crowd in front of the goal after a corner, but nobody was able to score.
55th minute-Jocic again releases Kamberovic on the right, passes and on the line of the penalty area is brought down from the back, the referee does not call anything.
69.minut-Jocić shoots. For him, it was the ideal situation with 18meters, one defender gets into the shot and redirects the ball into the corner. Jocic plays it from the corner to Bojic who hit it with his head but over the goal.
74.minut – We attacked on the right wing, lost the ball, Kovačević does not give up,
He wins the ball, penetrates and crosses, the ball bounces to Vukoja, which then fell to Bojic, who took a great shot with 7-8 meters and 2: 1.
77. Minutes – Guests were playing in front of their box players, Kovacevic squeezed the last defender, took his ball, stronger, faster and he clung to the right, made two moves and sent the ball into the net for 3: 1.
80. Minute-Great Eagles action. Bojic plays a perfect pass for Kovačević, this to the lonely Vukoja to the right, strikes the opposite angle but misses.
By the end of the game, the Eagles out-skilled their rivals, a nice way to end the game.

Our reserve team defeated SC Waterloo with 6: 3, and we saw the excellent edition of our second squad.
Serbian White Eagles play next game on Sunday, July 1 from 17:00 against Milton FC in Milton Community Park.