Serbian White Eagles make a comeback for their first victory in this year’s league tonight. are fully deserved to win Scarborough SC 2: 1 (1: 1). In a completely open game, a real man’s game, sometimes even outside of fair play, the Eagles were all around better and fully deserved to win. Sharp and aggressive game yet affected that it is not seen a lot of chances, the Eagles took advantage of two, enough to win.
Stadium: Centennial – Weather: Ideal Attendance: 100 – Referee: R. Arba
Goals: 0: 1 Dimitrov (24) 1: 1 Pešić (31) 2: 1 Jocić (74)
Player of the game: Đorđije Jocic

Branislav Vukomanovic

Serbian White Eagles: Škarić, Kamberović, Vukomanović, Marovic (66.Milidragović), Kusic, Pesic, Jocic, Nedeljkovic, Strunjaš (30.Bojić), Jovanovic, Svonja
Head Coach: Uros Stamatović
Assistant Coach: Branislav Vukomanovic
Scarborough SC: Djurkovic, Cann, Angelov, Kucalovic, Jankovic, De Sousa, Kosturkov, Stoiljkovic, Melo, Dimitrov, Stojiljkovic
Coach: Krum Bibishikov

First half
20.- minute-Strunjaš was fouled 25metars from the goal. Vukomanović shot perfectly, the ball goes an inch wide.
24.-minute After a corner for the visiting team, the ball was deflected at 25 meters, there was Dimitrov who hit a stunning volley into the top-right corner. 0: 1.
31.- minute Jovanović was brought down to 25 meters on the right. Vukomanović took an excellent free kick in which he crossed the ball into the crowd. Pesic was able to get on the end of it and tap the ball into the back of the net.1: 1. By the end of the half there were no serious chances for goals.

Second half

A similar situation as at the end of the first half, the game was played anxiously, strongly, selflessly, without any real and concrete opportunities.
74.-minute -Jocic found Bojic, who receives excellent ball within sixteen meters, one of the defenders handball and the ref without hesitation pointing to the white spot. Jocic skillfully takes the penalty and it was 2: 1 for the Eagles, also the final result. By the end of the game, at times too harsh to play, our safe and well-endowned Eagles, despite an unjustified 5 minutes extension routinely coming to the end of the match.

Serbian White Eagles next match play on Friday at 19:00 against the new team in CSL SC Vorkuta, at the Centennial Stadium.