Serbian White Eagles in the sixth round of the CSL recorded their third consecutive victory, beating Milton SC 4:3 (4:2). The Eagles had a lead of 2:0, and 4:2, the opportunity to knock out their opponents. But in the end, they were happy and satisfied with the minimal victory in a very unusual game which had very warm and sparse weather. The match was delayed by 15 minutes because just ten minutes before the official start, the home team had only six players and when our team and the judges thought that the match would not be played, eight Milton players with the coach, they deliberately or simply had to do so. To our team, in addition to the sparse and high grass and the absence of a few standard players, all this reflected on the game and the mood of Eagles. In the first part they played only attacks, played to score the goal more, Eagles were easy to build and created chances, and the home team played very simply long balls in two extremely fast players. The offside’s who set us up did not pass, and simply Skaric was four times more successful face-to-face with two quick hosts, he could not do anything twice. In the second part of the Eagles, the winged players closed slightly, they played through the middle, but there was no good finish. From the side of the side, Skaric removed several wires and the Eagles went victorious through the real hell they were prepared for.

Stadium: Milton Community Park Time: awkward, difficult to play Referee: Garfield
Scorers: 0:1 Lukić (10) 0:2 Lukic (14) 1:2 Aguilar (23) 2:2 Maghori (26) 2:3 Jocić (30)
2:4 Jovanovic (45) 3:4 Maghori (51)
Yellow cards: Jovanovic, Strunjaš, Omoniyi
Red cards: Omoniyi (78)
Player of the match: Goran Škarić
Serbian White Eagles: Škarić, Kamberović, Ljubenović (65.Stanković), Milidragović, Kušić (46.Svonja), Nedeljković, Jovanović, Marovic, Lukić (46. Strunjaš), Bojić, Jocić
Coach: Uroš Stamatović
Milton SC: Pusica, Jirta, Arabi, Ndjicky (50.Tristan), Omoniyi, Gima (46.Hadrovic), Edika, Mokake, Maghori, Aguilar, Fazlagic

Goran Skaric

First half
2. minute-Long ball through our defense for Maghori, but Škarić runs and at the last minute he hits the ball.
4. minute – Maghori in a new chance passes our defense and fails to reach the goal from five meters.
5. minute – Kamberović passes on the right wing, enters the box and shoots the ball in the opposite corner, the goal keeper defends.
7. minute-Long ball, no offense, Aguilar goes completely alone towards Škarić, who fantastically defends his shot.
10. minut-Kamberovic passes right-hand side, returns to Bojic who finds Jovanovic on the left side, shoots, the goalkeeper refuses the ball to Lukic, who builds and turns with his back to the goal, kicking in the bottom lower corner 0: 1.
14. minut- Kamberovic again passes on the right wing, this time centers perfectly for the lonely Lukic, who heads his head in the opposite side of the goal for 0: 2.
22. minut- We lost the ball in the middle, Aguilar again goes to Škarić who again defends fantastically.
23. minut-Again a mistake of our defense, Škaric defends the first shot of Aguilar, the ball bounces on his feet and this time is netted for 1: 2.
26.minute-Another long ball, no offside, Maghori comes out completely alone and this time is a precise, strong shot in the opposite corner and 2: 2.
29. minut-Kamberović passes, adds to Bojic, this falls for Jocic, who with 16meters shoots across the goal.
30. minute-Identical situation, Kamberović finds this time the defender Jocic, who from the first touch takes an unbreakable shot under the cross and Eagle lead 2: 3.
37. minute – Ljubenovic went left and turned 16 meters to Jocic, followed by a shot, the goal keeper defended well.
41. minut-Jovanović takes a nice shot from the goal.
45.minut-Bojic ideally through the defense throws out Jovanovic, which left-hand side effectively affects the opposite side of the goal 2: 4.
Second half
Unlike the first half, with a lot of goals, the other part was much calmer, more attention was paid to the defense.
48. minute-A great chance for home-team, even three players were ahead of Skaric, who again greatly intervened.
51.minute-cut action of domestic, long ball, no offside, Maghori is completely in front of Škarić, precise, strong kick in the opposite side and 3: 4.
74.minut-Stanković gets the ball in an empty space at 40m from the goal, followed by two defense players, Stanković is quicker, his goal is out, he goes round and in an instant one player clears the ball in the corner.
76.minut-Strunjaš finds Stankovic on the penalty spot, followed by a weak shot next to the goal.
78.minute-Even three of our players are throwing themselves in front of the goalkeeper, but the goalkeeper cuts into Struljaša’s way.
By the end, our players have more players, and there is another good chance for home two minutes before the end when Škaric and Nedeljkovic well intervened, lead one difficult game to the end and a win for the new three points.
Serbian White Eagles play next game on Friday, July7 from 19:00 against Brantford Galaxy at Centennial.