Serbian White Eagles played in their eight game of the CSL and came out with a draw 1:1 (1:1). It was a difficult visit at SC Waterloo, and inevitably it broke a series of four consecutive victories. The Eagles were disadvantaged by the absence of Jocic, Bojic, and Strunjas, but they left a very good impression. In a high quality, interesting and fair game, we had the better team, who were actually closer to winning. We deservingly had the lead, along with a penalty at the beginning of the second half, and continued to create great pressure and discomfort for the opponents at the last fifteen minutes of the game. For the Eagles, there was another youngster making his debut, seventeen-year-old Ivan Nikolic, a product of the Eagles academy, and he left a remarkable impression. Eagles after their eighth game are first in the table, still undefeated.
Stadium: RIM Park Time: perfect Spectators: 100 Referee: Tony Amaral
Scorers: 0:1 Kovačević (30) 1:1 Glavina (37)
Yellow card: Velasevic
Player of the match: Miroslav Jovanović
Serbian White Eagles: Škarić, Kamberović, Švonja, Milidragović, Pešić, Kušić, Velašević, Marovic (59.Ljubenović), Kovačević (74.Nikolic), Jovanovic, Vukomanovic
Manager: Uroš Stamatović
Coach: Branislav Vukomanovic
SC Waterloo: Jelic, Mrkonjic, Furgeti, Djukic, Zelenbaba, Christian, Sackor, Zubac, Glavina, Hasecic, Vukovic, Bajcetic
Coach: Vojislav Brisevac

Miroslav Jovanovic

First half
8th minute-After our defence’s mistake, the forward for the home team Glavina enters the box and luckily shoots wide of the goal from about ten meters out.
12th minute-Our team performed a beautiful attack, Jovanovic is alone at 17 meters, shooting it wide of the goal.
17th minute-We won the ball in the left side of their end in front of the box, Milidragović, instead of shooting, tries to pass the ball to Kovacevic but was not successful.
30. minute-Marovic plays a quick-moving Jovanovic who penetrates the right flank, enters the box and his pass to Kovačević is cut, but it comes back again to Jovanović, who passes with his first touch to Kovačević, who is now in a better position, was able to react quickly and hit a first-timer into the back of the net 0:1.
35th minute-Dangerous attack by the home players, Hasecic quickly sprinted to gain a 14-meter lead with the ball, Glavina comes close but misses our goal from the vicinity.
38 minutes – Attack for the home team on the left side, a challenging ball was crossed in front of our goal, Vukomanovic jumps, but the ball hits his hand in the air and the referee plays the penalty. Glavina is safe from the white point and 1: 1.
40th minute-A brilliant penetration of Jovanovic on the right side, takes an excellent shot but the goalkeeper reflects the ball to Kovačević on the left side in front of the goal, who had time to look. He shot it hard but right at the goalkeeper, and he had a completely open Velašević
41.minut-Vukomanovic plays Kovacevic on the left side, and runs, but the returning ball from Kovacevic goes a little behind Vukomanovic.
42. Minute-Counter-attack for the home side, a long ball is nicely played to Bajcetic, tries to make a great play but Škaric stops him with great defending.
42. Minut-Marovic plays Kovacevic, who in a brilliant way takes the ball between the two players and takes a shot to the opposite corner, just beside the goal
Second half
48th minute-Velasevic creates an extraordinary penetration through the box, he passed three players, and the fourth did not have anything left to do except topple him, a sure penalty. Jovanovic takes on the call of duty but misses the goal.
The missed penalty, evidently, influenced our game in a negative way, and on the other hand it gave the wings of the host team extra motivation who created chances for them on several occasions.
76th minute-Nikolić passes several players, enters the center and passes to Ljubenović completely on his own, decided to take a shot which passes beside the opposite post by only a few centimetres.
79th minute-A combination between Milidragovic and Kamberovic who was on the right hand side, who ideally crosses the ball but the goalkeeper manages to take the ball from Milidragovic’s head
81th minute-The biggest chance for the home team in the second half, Fugety passes and enters in front of our goal on the left, but Škaric makes an amazing stop and saves a goal.
84-minute-Nikolić wins a duel with one player after a deeply played ball, easily passes another and goes to the right, passes to the completely lonely Jovanovic on the penalty spot, but the ball is intercepted.
86th minute-Nikolić runs to the side, takes a touch towards the centre and shoots from 18meters, but the goalkeeper makes a save.
All in all, it was a very good display from our team, an extremely pleasant evening with good football.
The Serbian Eagles will play the next game on Saturday, July 22, at 18:00 against SC Scarborough at Monarch Park Stadium.