Serbian White Eagles recorded their fourth consecutive victory tonight, defeating Brantford Galaxy 2-0 (0: 0). It was not easy, as the guests played much better than they did in the first match between these two teams. Nonetheless, it was a fully deserved victory for our Eagles. We watched a real competitive match, very chippy, along with a lot of nervousness, intensity and aggression. Our defence played flawless tonight, with almost no mistakes being made. The attack, however, lacked tenacity, speed, and simplicity, but all that changed with the entry of Jovanovic and Kovacevic, and later on Marovic. The substitute pair Jovanovic and Kovacevic were the main players involved in the long-awaited goal that occurred in the 81st minute. It should be noted that the great intensity during the game could also be accounted for as the factor which led into a bigger incident at the end of the match. Fortunately, everything was relatively peaceful.
Stadium: Centennial Time: ideal Spectators: 100 Referee: Javier Prior
Strelci: 1:0 Kovačević (81) 2:0 Švonja (86)
Yellow cards: Jocić, Pešić, Knezevic, Sudar, Vukovic
Red cards: Vukovic (90 +2), Jocić (90 +2)
Player of the match: Goran Švonja
Serbian White Eagles: Škarić, Kamberović, Švonja, Milidragović (70.Marovic), Kušić, Pešić, Velašević, Bojić (56.Kovačević), Jocić, Vukomanović, Ljubenović (56.Jovanovic)
Manager: Uroš Stamatović
Coach: Branislav Vukomanovic
Brantford Galaxy: Borsos, Stojakovic (50. Hamilton), Sudar, Milicic, (75Boxic), Samardzija, Simeunovic, Stepanovic, Knezevic, Milovic, Vukovic, Platis
Coach: Sasa Vukovic

Goran Svonja

First halftime
In the first half there was almost no goal scoring chances. It was a fierce, real men’s fight between the two teams.
10. minute-Luka Milidragović made his way down the flank and delivered a dangerous cross to the center of the area that led it to Luka Bojic. The ball looked to have taken a deflection on the way in and just passed behind him.
17. minute-Jocić curls the ball into the box off of a free kick from the right. The ball landed right in the middle of the pack, but our players were unable to reach it and direct it towards the net.
44th minute – Guests did not make use of a chance off of a free kick, as it fell to Vukovic right in front of the net but he could not convert for a goal with his head.
Second half
In the second half, the Eagles were a more aggressive, faster, and much better team.
53.minut-Jocic takes a free kick from 30 meters out but the ball ends up over the goal.
54.minut-Vukomanović skilfully sends the ball into the left side of the box, directly in front of the net, but Ljubenović’s run is late by a fraction of a second.
71.minut-Marovic beautifully finds Jovanovic, who passes the ball to Jocic where he finds himself in his ideal situation just outside the box on the right side. He takes a fake shot, entering into the middle of the box with the ball on his left leg. He takes a great shot towards the opposite upper corner, but unfortunately the ball only just goes over the bar.
75.minut-Kovačević shots from twenty meters out, the deflection falls to Jocic on the right, followed by a strong shot from the first to the opposite side, Jovanović runs in, but just misses the ball.
81. minut-Jovanovic gets the ball in our area near the center, turns one player and dribbles down to the opponent’s box. He finds Kovacevic on the left side, who takes a touch inside, positioning the ball in front of him to his right leg and with brilliant composure and style he strikes the ball into the opposite post from which the ball bounces in the net for 1:0!
86. Jocic ideally takes the corner from the left which lands right in the middle of the box, a great header by Svonja from the left, but the goalkeeper saves it and reflects the ball right to Svonja, who strikes it in the net for 2:0!
90 + 2. Jocic makes a small show in the center, skillfully dribbles past several players and then gets tackeld by Vukovic from behind. Jocic drops and gets back at him with a kick. This resultantly creates a big crowd, along with the coach of the guests. There was plenty of pushing but luckily, there were no punches. The referee proceeded to show two red cards and call the end of the game. Soon the commotion settles down and the players calmly leave the field.
Serbian White Eagles play next game on Friday, July 14, at 19:00 against Waterloo FC at RIM Stadium.