Serbian White Eagles in the twelfth round of CSL has a record victory this season, defeated the weak, last-placed Milton SC team with 8:1(3:1). The Eagles actually did easier training and played with a very weak opponent. In a game played by one team, and the other in all ways attempted to avoid the result disaster Eagles were counted to eight, and there would be many more that the judge did not end up with the distress of the guests much before the end.

Stadium: Centennial Time: ideal Spectators: 200 Referee: Gregg Brown
Strelci: 1: 0 Ljubenović (7) 1: 1 Edika (15) 2: 1 Jocić (30) 3: 1 Vukomanović (39) 4: 1 Jovanović (47) 5: 1 Vukomanović (55) 6: 1 Jovanović ) 7: 1 Stankovic (64) 8: 1 Stankovic (71)
Yellow cards: Jovanovic, Natham
Player of the match: Branislav Vukomanović
Serbian White Eagles: Škarić, Kušić (60.Kamberović), Švonja, Marovic, Pešić, Jelić, Ljubenović (60.Stanković), Bojić, Jovanović, Jocić, Vukomanović
Coach: Branislav Vukomanovic
Manager: Uroš Stamatović
Milton SC: Pusica, Jirta, Natham, Ndjicky, Tristan, Juric, Edika, Mokake, Smajic, Aguilar, Fazlagic
Coach: Jasmin Halkic

Branislav Vukomanovic

The Eagles are the first-placed team after 12 rounds, and now is coming very interesting the end of the regular CSL championship. Eagles are first to host the second-placed York Region, from which they have a match less and one point more, and then in the last round they play at Vorkuta, with two games played more and five points more, games that will decide the rankings of the first three teams. It is definitely important that we are one of the two first-ranked teams and that in the playoff which starts on September 15, we play with one of the two teams that are by far the worst in CSL, Milton and Royal Toronto. It is important not to be third because in the semi-finals, York Region and Vorkuta will be eliminated. So, there are two big derby and two most important matches in the regular part of the championship. Eagles are motivated and decisive, but should be said, they are incomplete, which due to injuries, and because of the departure and absence of even six players.

The first of two decisive Eagles games are played on Friday at St. John’s. Joan of Arc at 20:15 against York Region Shooters.