Serbian White Eagles in the derby match against York Region played a draw 0: 0 and thus remained the only undefeated team in CSL after the eleventh round, and held the first place in the table. Derby fulfilled all expectations, except that no goal was seen. A real first-division game with lots of runs, nice moves, lots of tackles on a slippery ground, it was in general fair play, except a lot of nervousness and several times big crowds and pushing in the second part due to the importance of the game, and more because of an incompetent referee for such a match. In the last minute, after a free kick for the guests, surely for four minutes, almost all players were pushing, and the judge looked at it all calmly from the side and did not try or not to do anything, judges without authority. York Region left a great impression; certainly the best team that has recently been on Centennial, extremely physically ready, technically great and to be honest, tonight were closer to victory, at least by scoring chances. The Eagles opened the game well, played well in the first twenty minutes, and it seems that Kamberovic’s injury and the break of a few minutes completely deconcentrated Eagles. Our defence and once again Goran Škaric played excellent, the midfield disappointed, especially connection of the midfield and attack, where we were cut off in most of the game.

Stadium: Centennial Weather: very humidity with showers Spectators: 100
Red cards: Stankovic (from the bench)
Player of the match: Goran Škarić
Serbian White Eagles: Skaric, Kamberovic (23.Ljubenovic), Svonja, Marovic, Kusic, Pesic, Velasevic, Jovanovic (63.Bojic), Nikolic, Jocic, Vukomanovic,
Manager: Uroš Stamatović
Coach: Branislav Vukomanovic
York Region: Ibanez, Harris, Mahvar, Simpson, Prieto, Edwards, Buetler, Humphrey, Abdulmumini, Guzman, Bryan
Coach: Tony De Thomasis

Goran Skaric

First half
In the first half there was almost no goal chance. A fierce, real men’s fight between the two boxes.
2. minute-Excellent Eagle’s action on the left side, between several players Vukomanovic plays a one-two pass with Nikolic and comes out completely alone on seven meters in front of the goal, unfortunately his ball goes over net,
16 minutes – Bryan goes on to the right and sends the ideal cross on five meters to free Abdulmumini, but a great intervention by Škaric who gets him into the shot and saves our net.
Second half
62. minut-After a free kick for guests, the ball was on the nearby post headed by Abdulmumini, shoots off the ground, Škaric makes a parade and great save.
80. minute-After a great counterattack Guzman plays a double pass and comes out completely alone in front of Škaric a bit to the right, Škarić closes him and the shoot just missed our nearby post.
88. minut-Excellent counterattack by guests, Herron made quick run and came out completely open in front of Skaric, who runs and like a cat grab live ball from his leg.
90. minute-free kick for York Region at 18 meters in the middle from goal. The visiting players were trying to get into our wall, climbing and pushing, then split and then do it again, almost all players participate in a crowd in which fortunately was not hitting. It took all five minutes and all this was looked by the referee from the side and he never was thinking of doing something for which he was paid, to keep the game under control. Finally, Guzman takes a free kick, strikes the left side of our goal and misses by centimetres, enough to keep the Eagles the only undefeated team and hold first place. After a moment the free kick was taken, probably the happiest man in the field, the referee calls the end of the game.

Serbian White Eagles will play next game on Friday, August 18th, from 7pm against Milton FC at Centennial Stadium.