Serbian White Eagles beat FC Vorkuta 3:2(0:0) in the last round of the regular part of the championship, so they took a consolation, but excellent second spot. In the first round of the playoffs we will get an easier opponent, and the advantage of the home court is also important for the eventual finals. The Eagles made a real small feat, as they played without eight of the players who played in the championship, and played with an extremely strong team that finished the first. Congratulations for the game and character of the Eagles, a great victory for self-confidence and the atmosphere before the playoffs.

Serbian White Eagles:
Škaric, Jelić (Marinkovic), Švonja, Pešić, Kušić, Ljubenović, Marovic, Vukomanović, Kamberović, Bojić and Jovanović (Lukić)

Zoran Pesic

Eagles started formation ready for counterattacks and try to get free kicks on goal distance. In the first half game is played mostly in the middle of the field, equal and without serious chance for goals.

The real drama came in the second half. Eagles have nothing to lose, because only victory guarantee the second place, they changed the game and formation, played openly and put great pressure on the opponent’s defense and the midfield. After the corner of Vukomanovic, Kusic takes a good shot and Eagles lead 1: 0. The home team has equalized after our mistake, Jovanovic lost ball in our box, and Vorkuta equalized. It has disrupted Eagle’s game; home team take advantage and make a complete turnaround, with 2:1 lead. In the last fifteen minutes the Eagles had to go to everything or nothing. Pešić is send to play striker and that make complete Eagles turnaround. First, Pešić takes a good shot, reacts greatly to a refrained ball and equals to 2: 2. In the 90th minute Kusic makes great run on the right side, cross the ball, the home defense deflected the ball, once again to Pešić who scored a winning goal for 3:2.

Eagles will find out their first opponent in the playoffs on Sunday, September 10th, until four rescheduled games are played.