About the Serbian White Eagles

The Serbian White Eagles FC has been within the various incarnations of the CSL since 1968. Built on a long-standing tradition and storied history of community support, and professional soccer, the team has contributed to the development of the sport and league for the past 30 years.

The name “Serbian White Eagles FC” was selected for its simplicity. The acronym FC is synonymous with soccer and great soccer clubs around the world who chose to emphasize their place of origin. The logo integrates a traditional shield and Eagles with contemporary imagery, and Canadian Maple leafs as the teams roots. The red, blue & white kits the players wear display the team’s community connection. The White Eagles FC name allows our fans to adopt a nickname that truly reflects the team character.

The team currently enjoys the highest Ontario attendance records within the CSL at it’s home field, Centennial Hill. It has the highest ticket sales in Ontario, and second highest within the country. The White Eagles FC fans unleash authentic passion and support, creating a unique connection that stands out from the rest of the league. Our fans can look forward to developing a special relationship with our players, watching intense, competitive soccer and celebrating the sport with our team and our staff. The White Eagles will continue to foster the great fan support, and continue to grow the sport’s popularity in Canada.

The White Eagles are committed to growing soccer in Canada. We will work with the Canadian Soccer League and Ontario Soccer Association to further develop the sport in our country. The White Eagles look to complete the path for youth to start at the grassroots level and to progress to the top level of the sport at home. Our History in Canadian soccer is built upon a consistent level of professionalism, success and support, and our future is indeed, very bright as we look forward to sharing it with everyone.

A Message from the Club President

It is shaping up to be an exciting year for the White Eagles FC. With a new coach in place to guide the team, and excellent player roster that is developing very well, and a whole new back office team to support the marketing, operations and public relations of the team – we are set for an excellent 2016!

The CSL is expanding this year with the addition of new corporate sponsors, new expansion teams, and rising media coverage, all contributing to very strong growth prospects. We have the some of the best and most enthusiastic fans in the league. Quite a large number of our home games will be covered by Rogers TV.

I would like to thank you the fans of the White Eagles for your continued support. It is to you that we put in great efforts on and off the field, and look to build a championship team.

I would also like to thank the sponsors for the continued support to make the organization and team possible. With their visionary support and commitment, we look to build a strong soccer academy for developing young players, and likewise a champion caliber professional team as well.

Sincerely, Dragan Bakoc


President – Dragan Bakoc
OSL Director – Predrag Miljkovic
Marketing – Srecko Klisara
Web Reporting – Zdravko Milidragovic
Web Director – Zdravko Milidragovic
Photographer – Petar Banjeglav
Videographer – Vidak Curic