About the Serbian White Eagles

Serbian White Eagles FC has been an active member of the Toronto Soccer Association, Ontario Soccer Association and Canadian Soccer League since 1968. Built on a long-standing tradition and storied history of community support, the club and its teams have contributed to the development of the sport and assisted many individuals in Canada for over half a century. Players of Serbian White Eagles FC have represented Canada and other countries in international competitions while others have demonstrated good leadership in Canada and elsewhere.

The name Serbian White Eagles was selected to reflect the club’s ancestry while the acronym FC is synonymous with soccer and great soccer clubs around the world. The logo integrates a traditional shield and eagle with contemporary imagery, and the maple leaf design reflects the Canadian team’s roots. The team’s home kit is all white commemorating the white double-headed eagle which appears on the Serbian flag while the away colours are red-blue-white commemorating the tricolour of the Serbian flag. In summary, the Serbian White Eagles FC name allows our fans to adopt a nickname that truly reflects the team’s character.

Serbian White Eagles fans are unique and well-known; with their enthusiasm and loyalty they are closely tied to the club and the players. They can expect an even closer and tighter connection with our players with whom they will enjoy watching intense, attractive, competitive soccer while celebrating the sport with our teams and our staff. The Serbian White Eagles will continue to develop and pay attention and full loyalty to the fans and sympathizers of the club.

The Serbian White Eagles are a club that is recognized as having raised the popularity of soccer in Canada. As such, we will work with the Canadian Soccer League and the Ontario Soccer Association to grow the sport in the country. The Serbian White Eagles have adopted and carried out a commitment to assist in the growth and development of soccer in Canada at the grassroots level, having founded a soccer academy for young talents who, through professional and healthy sports work, will one day become top soccer players and athletes. Our successful history in Canadian soccer is recognizable and built on the highest level of professionalism, technical competence and support. Our future is indeed very bright as we look forward to sharing and making these resources available to everyone.

A Message from the Club President

After several very successful years since their rebirth, the Serbian White Eagles are entering a crucial and I hope even more successful year – a year of football excitement and, I believe, joy for all of us. New visions of work and leadership of the playing staff, team composition and selection of players who will represent us – as well as a completely new front office team of capable and young enthusiasts who are building a new image of our club through organization, marketing, attitude towards our community and overall work – give me hope that the Serbian White Eagles will grow into an even stronger club and into the best club of our diaspora to the pride of all of us.

Soccer is becoming increasingly popular in Canada and is occupying more and more space in the media. There are more and more sponsors and organizations that are ready to popularize the sport in Canada, which makes all of us soccer fans especially happy. It is known that we are one of the biggest fans of soccer – one of the most popular sports in the world.

I would like to thank all the fans and sympathizers of the club for their support, which makes our club unique and recognizable. Carried by your support, the team gives their all on the field and steps towards even greater successes and eternal championship ambitions.

I would also like to thank all our sponsors, for their selfless help, thanks to which the club operates successfully and survives. Thanks to you and all our supporters, the club has also developed a youth academy that will be organized and developed at the highest standards while popularizing the game and enabling young talents to receive all the necessary professional training in the development of top players and, through this, will build a real championship team of the Serbian White Eagles.

Dragan Bakoc
President of Serbian White Eagles FC