Article by Djuradj Vujcic

Micic during a league encounter in 2019

Midfielder Dusan Micic was born in the Serbian city of Novi Sad on November 29, 1984. He signed his first professional contract and made his debut in 2003 with OFK Mladenovac and after that, he would continue with several clubs, including Rudar Pljevlja (with whom he won the league title in 2009–10 and the Cup in 2009–10 and 2010–11) and Grbalj in Montenegro and Proleter Novi Sad, Vozdovac, Napredak Krusevac, Borac Cacak, Vojvodina, Radnik Surdulica and Radnicki Nis in Serbia. He also had stints with Belgian club Lierse in 2015 and Uzbek club Bunyodkor in 2017.

In 2019, he signed with our Serbian White Eagles.

“The biggest reason for coming here is that I didn’t see myself in Serbia. Coincidentally, my wife was born in Toronto, so everything else went by itself. I have traveled and lived in other countries all my life because of my work, so this was not an obstacle for me. Here in Toronto, I had a lot of people that I knew before I arrived, so I knew about the opportunities that prevail here.”

He played for our club until 2021 and chose to remain living in Toronto.

“My family and I are very happy here and we really like it. The nature, living conditions, friends and my immediate surroundings – if I had designed everything for myself, I don’t know if I would have managed to put something like this on paper.”

A fun fact is that his nickname is Munja which in Serbian translates to lightning. While playing for Radnicki Nis, the back of his jersey had his nickname on it as opposed to his surname.

“The nickname is from the days when I was in a football academy (one of few at that time) taught by professor Dr. Mika Radosav, who is a legend of FK Vojvodina. At that time, the Flash (Barry Allen) series was playing on television, and since I was very fast, my coaches gave me the nickname at the time and it has remained to this day – even though I am slow now (laughs).”

What message does Micic have for our fans?

“We should appreciate that this club exists and that there is already a long tradition and I would like to invite the fans to help by attending as many matches as possible.”

Thank you to Dusan for taking the time for our website and Serbian White Eagles FC would like to take this opportunity to congratulate him on the recent birth of his daughter! Onwards – to new victories!