Thanks to goals by Danilo BakocSrdjan SimovicNikola Timotjevic and Vladimir Strizovic, our Serbian White Eagles defeated Hamilton City 1 tonight at Mattamy Field in Mississauga by a score of 4–2.

Serbian White Eagles goalkeeper Adrian Ibanez saved an early penalty, but this was followed by Hamilton City midfielder Vukasin Kovacevic cutting in from the wing to score for a 1-0 lead at 20 minutes. Danilo Bakoc tied it 1-1 for Serbian White Eagles at 38 minutes and two minutes later Srdjan Simovic put our team into a 2-1 lead. Hamilton City tied it 2-2 with a nice goal from outside the box by Branko Gavric, the goal coming at the 49th minute mark. Our team was more prominent as the second half progressed, which paid dividends. Goals by Nikola Timotijevic at 61 minutes and forward Vladimir Strizovic at the 70th minute mark made it a 4-2 score at the final whistle.

Our next match is Saturday August 12 (2:00 PM) at Mattamy Field in Mississauga against the Toronto Falcons.